I migrated this blog to Ghost 1.0.0. It was pretty easy! This was down to the excellent documentation Ghost provide on how to migrate, available here.

The most time consuming part of this process was preparing my theme for migration. There were a number of changes required, identifed by uploading an export of my then-current theme to https://gscan.ghost.org/. After some (*much) "Find and Replace", the theme was ready for migration.

Everything else was fairly straightforward. Having been using a CentOS based VPS for this blog (and playing around with stuff) for the last couple of years, I took the opportunity to retire this and get started with a new one, running a Ghost supported OS. The requirements are here. I use Digital Ocean for VPS provision.

Digital Ocean actually provide a "one click" Ghost droplet setup to make things easier. I didn't use this (because I didn't know it was there until after...), but it looks ideal for the beginner or the time pressed, or the time pressed beginner.